A Small Oasis of Shelter, hosted by Grace Wells


Journals and Magazines


Grace Wells has been publishing in diverse journals and magazines since 2000. 



Here you can find an index of Grace's poems published in The Stinging Fly.



Here you can find an index of Grace's poetry and reviews published in  the University of Chicago's Contrary Magazine.


For a more detailed exploration of Grace's poetry, you can read ‘The Smallest Agents of Transformation’: Animal Creatures in Grace Wells’ and Antía Otero’s Poetry by Helena González Doval, by pressing Here.



You can listen here to Grace reading her poem 'We Speak on the Outbreath' for RTE Lyric FM's Poetry Podcast.


Sunday Miscellany

Grace Wells has been a regular contributor to RTE's Sunday Miscellany. Recoring in the RTE studio and at live events.


Follow this link for RTE Sunday Miscellany Main Index, and a list of 43 of Grace's recordings.


Press to listen to Grace's poem 'Dawn Chorus' on Sunday Miscellany


Press to listen to Grace's Sunday Miscellany essay about rewilding an acre of Tipperary, 'In the Meadow'


To listen to Grace's attempts to always find a rural 'short cut', listen Here.



To hear Grace meditating on her struggles with materialism at Christmas, you can listen to her live from the National Concert Hall for the Sunday Miscellany Christmas concert of 2019, with her piece 'The Hopes & Fears of All the Years', press Here.