"What is the role of the writer in our age of Climate Emergency? To break the silence so the stark facts may be spoken of? To memorialise what's being lost? Or else, create small sanctuary wherein the mind may rest?"

Grace Wells, from 'She Embroiders Him a Gentian'

About Grace Wells

Grace Wells is an award-winning writer and poet. Nature and spirit-of-place have always been important within her writing. She's a gardener, an orchard-planter, and a rewilder. She teaches yoga and meditation, and hosts retreat space for writers, artists and those needing respite from our complex world.

"and I knew the wasps didn't care about my aloneness or whatever I might or might not achieve, they were saying, "Do this for me: love with abandon the physical world".

Grace Wells, from 'Each Day the Queen Wasp Came', published in 'Fur', Dedalus Press.

Grace's primary focus is Sanctuary——for the creatures and plant species, and for people while we navigate the challenges of living within an era of environmental breakdown and restoration. Her work is concerned with reconnection: reuniting people with the natural world and reconnecting people to their own creativity and creaturely intelligences. Her work is concerned with stregthening the links between culture and nature, and dissolving the distancing mechanisms that sever us from a soulful connection to the rich world we are immersed in.

"So in the way that others sit at the bedsides of the dying, I accompany the curlews out to where their blue sands will surely end. But each soft step sinks me deeper into our Earth's embrace, and when the curlews call, their song enchants—lifting me with them, until I am air bourn, feathered, flying."

Grace Wells, from 'Curlew'

Yoga and Meditation Teacher

Grace Wells teaches yoga and meditation. She has been a lifelong practitioner of yoga, meditation and movement. Her writing often explores issues around embodiment, and the parallels between our cultural disconnection from the planet, with our cultural disconnection from the body.