A Small Oasis of Shelter, hosted by Grace Wells

In a Challenging World, We all need Sanctuary

Welcome to a space of Calm

A place for you to pause, for self-connection through eco-writing, meditation, yoga & earth-art.

In our complex times we all need shelter. There's a pressing need of sanctuary for the creatures, the plant species, and for ourselves.

The Little Sanctuary is both an online hub of Eco-poetics, designed to support your well-being and creativity...

...and a real world half-acre of re-wilded woodland, orchard and garden in Ennistymon, County Clare.




On this website you'll find Eco-Writings by Grace Wells, links to her Award-winning Books, and to her Poetry Films.




You can also explore her Meditation  and Yoga sequences. And discover more about booking in for creative or meditative Retreat Space at The Little Sanctuary, Ennistymon.

"And up from the liquid surface rose an otter, an otter diving to somersault, to divide in two and become a mated pair. Black as eels but halo-bright they circled, swimming me into their carnival, into a wider world. So that I want to say to you, do not fear your anguish, despair births miracles; hope is only waiting for release. Pay attention, the signs gifted are subtle: small beads for the necklace of faith we must thread for ourselves."

Grace Wells, from 'Otter', published in 'Fur', Dedalus Press.

"Stitches Like Days" — A Meditative Poetry Film by Grace Wells

Grace Wells